Thursday, June 23, 2011

This, this is my life.

Greeting loves one! Lets take a journey.

I never go @live bar for 2days after the band went back to Thailand. Im going tomorrow to see the new band by the way. My favourite
guy is gone. Rabbit Keyboard ( nickname ). I have his pictures down there uploaded.
Anyway just came back from Sushi Zanmai, OneUtama & Sportsville.

Going out soon to KL. I am really fat now. No joke. 1 day I can eat 1000 meals.
Hence, the fats! Diet diet diet diet diet. My final presentation for college ended today.
So it is party time.

You can see me in my formal top below just one picture. Look so good girl.
Really rushing time.
So this will be the end.
The night has just begin.

Bump bump bump
bump bump
Backstabber please get out of the way

@live bar last day 21/6/2011
The band i mean.

at home getting ready.


Grace . Me . Joey

I love them :)

Grace high until cannot high

Valen .Me. Joey. Grace
I chao tut .

Both chao tut.

My favourite !


Gone back to Thailand.

sob sob.

Align Right
Iphone picture as usual. Blur

I want a piece of you (:

Rehearsing for presentation.
Bad girl gone good for awhile!.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Give me everything tonight.

Greetings! I know it is late to blog. 6.08am. Why so hard to fall asleep :(!
Just came back from @live bar & yamcha again! Probably go Zouk tomorrow.
Need something more hardcore but anyway i still prefer @live bar.
They are opening @live 2 at KL !

Lately, many shit things happen to me. It is really shitty. So fuck you. Anyway, below are some pictures from Chinlee Birthday party at Zouk Bar, Gardens.
Happy 19th birthday babyChin.

Loading my anime now. Fairytale anime & I just finished One Piece & Death note.
I pray for better days to come ahead. Please God ? Can can ?
Need to cut down on alcohol consumption if not my memory lost x100 =.=!!

Playing the song - Stereo love. My all time selection!
I detest staying at home because i bloody tend to think a lot until my head can explode
& can't I bloody cannot sleep. Fat already everyday drink alcohol and eat. I hope to finish college this July so I can take a break or work first.

Put eyeliner below only.
Got to get back on the right track!

Time will cure my heart !!

i swear Im not naked !!

outside @live !

Zouk Care, Gardens.

That day got major face problem. So was not in the mood to take picture

I basically trust her & confide almost all my secrets to her.
Dont so busy with your boyfriend!
I dont exist already T.T

So sweet!

The bestfriends since high school!

Before @live bar 6/6/2011

As usual waiting for people to pick me.

i love playboys (:

So play harder.

oOo !

Okay. Good night for me & Good morning for you people!
Resuming my anime now!
Piece of advice -
No matter how deep you fall. I believe time that it is a matter and will heal the cut!
Be strong girls.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Sushi =P

Hey hey ;)
Nothing much to update because I am busy partying.
As usual always go @live bar with my babes & I just came back from
outstation partying . Going to @live after I finish blogging.
Lately, I have been consuming much alcohol & sushis.
Fat fat aready ;(.

Currently listening to - Give me everything tonight !
Grab somebody sexy tonight!

Been skipping college a lot because I can't wake up.
I just want to finish my foundation early July & have 6months break to play before
quit playing. I will upload umpteen pictures that will make you hungry =P.
Went ate sushi with Grace. Christine & Doraemon!
After that straight to @live bar as usual.
I hate bulldog.
Referring to a particular human bulldog.
BARK rubbish.
Bulllshit bulldog

We are from different world.
& I am me.

Hokkaido Ichiba - Gardens

Here's a situation
Been through every nation
But tonight Im loving you.


Grace low :)

Me. Grace. Christine :)


My bodyguards.

We couldnt finish the dishes.

Thanks doraemon :)


sah-yoh-nah-rah means good bye .
lame me .